Office Facility Dubai

Office Facility

It can be difficult to find the right office facility in Dubai, especially for startups. Future Way Business Services could provide you with the business space you need, at a fraction of the normal cost. Our team of business service experts could help you find the accommodations according to your business preferences and needs.

You can choose from furnished or unfurnished one room, two rooms, or studio type office space. These offices are equipped with the following:

  • 24/7 security with CCTV
  • Complete IT solutions
  • Integrated data center solutions
  • Fire safety systems including smoke detectors, fire alarms, emergency lighting and sprinklers
  • Use of office address as business address for application or renewal of licenses or permits
  • Parking space within the office facility
  • Conference rooms
  • Catering services for business meetings

Feel free to contact us to discuss available office facility options. Call us today at +971 - 4 - 2508837 or + 971 - 55 - 8224736 or send us an inquiry at We provide comprehensive business formation services that will help you save time, money, and effort - all at affordable prices.