Sponsor Facility

Sponsor Facility

An important requirement for foreign business startups in Dubai is to obtain a sponsor who is a citizen of United Arab Emirates (UAE). The sponsor will be responsible for bringing you into the country.

Depending on your contract with the sponsor facility, the service could be as simple as signing the necessary documents or as your guide in getting the needed permissions from government agencies as well as help you obtain clearances.

On the business documents, the sponsor’s ownership should not be less than 51%, but it’s not necessary that they invest their money. You can choose to provide the capital through his name. In normal business setting, they may not get their share of the profits, but you need to pay a yearly fee for the services. This amount is negotiable.

With such critical role, it is very important that you find a knowledgeable and reputable sponsor. Remember, you need to entrust money and information to the sponsor so you can do business in Dubai.

Future Way Business Services can help you find experienced and well-educated UAE sponsors. We can send you their profiles so you can choose the best person to become your partner in Dubai.

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