PRO Services in UAE

PRO Services in U.A.E

Processing needed documents and business permits can be complicated for start-ups. This is true if this is your first-time in establishing a business in Dubai. Securing permits and licenses through trial and error could affect your time table. Till this time we have explain; that is, a lot of thing about PRO services Dubai. And I think it is enough to get the idea of PRO services. So, now it is time to say some thing about our PRO services in UAE.

Future Way Business Services has a team of PRO specialists who can help you minimize delays. They are experts in coordinating with different government agencies in Dubai, and they are known for their efficiency. For many years, we have helped hundreds of startups to process their business documents.

PRO Services in U.A.E:

We can help you in:

  • Application and renewal of Visa
  • Registration of your company with the Ministry of Labor and the Department of Naturalization and Residency
  • Pre-approval of business documents
  • Application for work permits
  • Obtaining necessary government authorizations from agencies such as the Department of Town Planning, Policy Authority, and Transport Authority
  • Opening of bank accounts
  • Authentication for foreign documents with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice
  • Application and renewal of health insurance
  • Placement of newspaper advertisements
  • Assistance to obtain liquor license for non-Muslim clients
  • Application for contractors and consultant classifications

Future Way Business Services can help you with every aspect of business PRO. Call us today at +971 - 4 - 2508837 or + 971 - 55 - 8224736 or send us an inquiry at Let’s discuss your needs in starting a business in Dubai !